ATA 110B BOULDER - SOLID BLACK, RED, BLUE BLACK AND RED SPIDER - SMALL 50CC FRAME!! - ATV Fully Automatic, Remote, Kill/ Start Switch, Throttle Limiter, Foot Brake

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 GREAT FOR BEGINNERS! SMALL 50CC FRAME W/ 110CC MOTOR THAT YOU CAN GOVERN DOWN AS SLOW AS YOU WANT TO A 50CC, 70CC, 90CC!! One our most popular ATV Models sits on a small/medium 50cc frame very similar to the small size of a honda or yamaha 50cc. It has a 110cc Engine with a throttle limiter that lets you completely control the speed, letting it go as slow as 2 MPH. In essence this 110cc can be limited down to a 90cc, 70cc, 50cc or less. It  has wireless remote which lets you control the ATV with the touch of a button on a remote letting you turn it off within 100 yards(watch the video for more details!! WIth all of these safety features this unit is perfect for beginners, letting the kids learn to ride safely and also have something to grow into! Don't spend the same on a 50cc when you can buy a 110cc govern it down and have it for twice as long!!

Off-Road Legal:

US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) APPROVED

FREE items with your purchase:

  • Free User Manual
  • Free Wheel Hub Covers
  • Free Professional Tool Kit (Flathead, Phillips, wrenches, spark plug adapter and case)
  • Free Wheel Hub Covers
  • Free Professional Tool Kit (Flathead, Phillips, wrenches, spark plug adapter and case)
  • Free Delivery Scheduling (The Trucking company will call you ahead of time and schedule an appointment.)
  • Free Life Time Technical Support





Remote Control Kill:
Wireless Remote Control lets you turn your engine off from as far as 60 yards away. Press the button and it will come to a rolling stop. This allows you to take control of the vehicle even if you are not the rider. *The Boulder does not come with Remote Start, jut Remote Kill. 

Speed Governor/Controller:
This is one great feature. This will allow you to choose how slow (as slow as 5 mph) or how fast the quad goes; providing comfort to parents. You can continue to adjust the speed as your child gains more experience.

Safety Stop Strap: 
Located on the rear of the vehicle. With a pull on the strap the rider or any person supervising can automatically shut off the engine. 

Kill Switch:
For added protection. Protect your vehicle with a push of a button. Kill Switch: Your child can turn off the engine themselves. Easy to reach and right at your fingertips.

Foot Rest/Guard:
A wide and ridged footrest provides a non-slip surface. Allows for a stability and better control. Designed to keep your feet secure and guards against the tires.

Large Disc Brake:
Another great safety feature. Provides advanced braking, quick and steady. 

Electric Start:
Start your vehicle electrically. Quick and easy.

Thumb Throttle:
Accelerate easily. Conveniently located for better control and reach.  

Dual A-Arm Front Suspension:
With dual suspension you are in for a more smoother ride. Improves the quality and feel of your vehicle in motion.

Front Bumper: 

In case of any impact; this front bumper guards your ATV from unwanted damage.

Padded Seating:
Enjoy a comfortable ride. Roomy, nice and spacious cushioned seating for a pleasant riding experience.

Engine / Drive

  • All 110cc’s of reliable, electric-start four-stroke fun feed into a gearbox, making the ATA- 110B a great choice for those getting started or moving up.
  • This ATV comes with a fully air-cooled engine designed to prevent overheating. There will be no worries about overheating or extra engine maintenance with this ATV.
  • Automatic Transmission ensures smooth shifting and lets the entry-level rider focus on the trail by eliminating a hand-operated clutch.
  • Durable Chain Drive, are easy to repair and replace.
  • Electric Start provides much easier control and handling, and gives the rider the great convenience in the event of a stall.
  • CDI system: The principal advantage of a CDI system is the ability to present a superior spark to the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, thus maximizing burn efficiency.
  • Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline (87# gas or above), no need to mix oil with gas.

Body / Suspension / Dimensions

  • 48.4" Length, 29.1" Width, 31.4" Height provide a roomy and comfortable riding for you.
  • Beefy front and rear 14.5x7-6 knobby tires offer excellent traction and help boost ground clearance.
  • Front Double A-arm and Rear single arm suspension provides a better handling and more comfortable ride.
  • 21.6 inches seat height and high quality seat padding ensure you a roomy and comfortable riding experience.
  • Compact chassis design creates the ideal 31.4" wheelbase and low center of gravity for light, quick, super-accurate steering.
  • 2.75 inches of ground clearance and a smooth undercarriage thwart most trail obstacles.
  • 0.63 gallons Fuel Tank for good distance riding.
  • Fuel Tank: Rust Free Poly



Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke


6.7 HP








Automatic-Chain Drive


Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Seat height


Ground Clearance




Net Weight



Brakes Front


Brakes Rear

Hydraulic Disc

Tires Front


Tires Rear



Battery Type


Why Buy an ATV?

ATVs have become one of the hottest selling gifts for Christmas and all year round. For young riders wanting big bike performance and feel, we offer a huge selection of off-road vehicles specifically designed for every kid at every age.

Most of our ATVs and Quads come with tons of special features including a fully automatic transmission, large disc brake and dual A-Arm front suspension which allow for a smoother easy to control ride. Bright head, tail and brake light great when riding in the evening. We know that safety is the biggest concern for all parents. With that in mind all of our ATVs are fully equipped with safety features from top to bottom back to front. Like the remote control start/stop which will allow you to take control of the vehicle from as far as 60 feet away. You or the rider can pull on the safety strap to stop the vehicle if necessary. With the specially crafted footrest/guard your young rider’s feet are protected from the turning tires and ground surface. The rear hydraulic disc brake offers added quick braking ability.

Like featured on those huge SUVs, our ATVs come with a front bumper that protects your vehicle from possible damage or harm during impact. You can control the speed. Go slower or faster to match the skills of your learning rider which you can adjust as your kids grow.

Easy to start and easy to stop. ATVs are simple and uncomplicated to operate perfectly crafted for all youngsters with the yearning for an independent ride.

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