Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATA, ATK or ATD mean? What about the letters on the models (B, D, G, H, etc)?

Well, it's a model number, and here's how our staff looks at it:

  • ATA is another abbreviation for ATV (All Terain Vehicle)
  • 110: 110cc engine size, 110 cubic centimeter, 125cc, 150cc etc.
  • B, D, G, etc are just model letters to show what style the ATV is. 

How fast do they go?

**Keep in mind most of our ATV's and Go Karts have Speed Limiters.**

*Depending on weight load and other unit factors, the top speed may vary.

  • 110 cc : up to 30 mph (can be governed down to 5-7 mph)*
  • 125 cc: up to 35 mph (can be governed down to 5-7 mph)*
  • 150 cc: up to 40 mph*
  • 250 cc: up to 45 mph*

What brand does Discount ATVs sell?

Several years ago, a lot of major brand patents expired on all of their four wheelers, dirt bikes, utility vehicles etc. When that happened, several manufacturing companies in China and Japan took these blueprints and made their own bikes, almost identical to the originals. If you place our units beside a major brand, you can see the almost exact resemblance in frames, carburetors and so on. Our Brands include Taotao( ATVs), Apollo (Dirtbikes), Kandi (Go Karts) and Roketa. The names are not always recognizable because these brands do not spend as much on advertising in the US as major brands, but these are high quality bikes. We choose the best manufacturers in each category and have done strenuous research and tests on many brands to find the best quality of steel and engine quality. QUALITY OF A NAME BRAND WITH AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!! We encourage buyers to do their research because we are confident in what we sell. Our buyers are schooled on how to keep their bikes running for a long time, how to service and maintain them and where to get parts. 

What size ATV should I choose for me?

The most accurate and safe method for sizing up an ATV would be to let the rider sit on the unit and find out what is most comfortable. If you cannot get to our local store, grab a yard stick or a tape measure and compare the height of the rider to the dimensions of our units. We post the exact dimensions of each ATV on the description page. It will always be read as Length x Width x Height in inches. From farthest front point to farthest rear point, from ground to the tallest part of every ATV, the top of the handle bars. We even post foot rest to seat heights! So measure the ATV as if it were at your side. That way you can always be sure to know EXACTLY what size ATV/ Dirt Bike or Go Kart you are getting. One thing to keep in mind is to find a unit that your rider can grown into. The most popular starter ATV is the medium frame ATA 110D. Most parents will look at the ATA-110B small frame first but then shift towards the ATA-110D Medium frame ATV after seeing how after a couple growth spurts, the riders knees may come close to hitting the handle bars. Parents usually do this because the distance is the same from the seat to the footrest on both models, so children sit the same on both units but the ATA-110D is a little big larger unit physically which can give the child a few more years to grow into it. Keep in mind that choosing a unit to grow into will save you money down the road. 

What assembly am I going to have to perform If I receive my ATV in the crate (optional)?

The first thing you should do is follow the ATV Start up Checklist that is available on our website posted at the top under "GUIDES". The Checklist as well as other Manuals and Guides are always available for download as a .PDF file that most computers can open and view automatically. Basically, you will be uncrating your ATV, reading the Start Up Checklist and Assembly instructions for your unit located inside the small white cardboard box. You will then, in four steps lower your ATVs suspension, attaching the wheels and tires, attach the handle bars, brake/throttle cables, charge your battery, and finally change your break in oil. Note: Each ATV comes with a tool kit for the entire set up, including a battery charger (for smaller units*). 

*Not all units come with a battery charger. The 110 Boulder does not come with a charger. 

What general maintenance is required for ATVs and Go Karts?

You will need to ALWAYS FOLLOW THE ATV CHECKLIST located in the GUIDES section. There will always be oil changes, lubricating of movable parts, tightening of bolts and CONSISTANT INSPECTION to be safe on an any ATV, regardless of manufacturer. Remember these are all powerful machines just like a car, and must be handled with the same respect and care. And since all of our engines are 4-stroke and carbureted, you will need to clean the bowl of your carb and adjust the idle and fuel mixture screws. Check our GUIDES section for pictures of a carburetor and how simple it is to adjust.

Where do I get parts from?

The easiest and quickest access would be from our partner websites. For Most ATvs, Dirt Bikes and Go Karts you can use: or (Apollo Dirt Bike parts are sold at

What form of payments do you take?

We take most common form of payments, such as:

  • Cash **Preferred* If you are going to be shopping at our Retail Store cash is preferred as sometime we can give you a better deal. (Cash can save us Credit Card Processing Fees.)
  • Money Orders *
  • All Major Credit/Debit Cards** THERE IS A 3% FEE APPLIED TO ALL CARD TRANSACTIONS!! ** (You can save this by paying in cash)
  • Prepaid cards.

**Credit/Debit Cards often have daily spending limits and fraud protection. If we get a decline message when attempting to capture your payment we will notify you by phone and e-mail. Most often declines are because your bank needs to be notified of a purchase over $500, and usually it can be taken care of within 10-15 minutes.


Do I get a Receipt?

Of course. We can print and/or email you the invoice as well as credit card transaction receipts. 

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